About Multi Educational Book Enterprise

Multi Educational Book Enterprise is one of the leading and most enterprising Government Textbook Publishers in Malaysia. Amongst its more commendable achievements, the company has been publishing two bi-monthly English-language magazines since 1988. These magazines are immediately recognizable anywhere in Malaysia, whether in Government Primary schools or even at homes with such reputed names as ‘The Educator' and ‘Junior Educator'.

The magazines have reached out to hundreds of thousands of pupils in primary schools throughout the nation over the more than twenty years since their introduction to the education fraternity in Malaysia. The magazines are so informative and thought-provoking that they have become a ‘tool' of education, besides providing a source of edutainment and fun to both pupils and teachers alike in schools. Even children at home are bemused with these publications. Parents, on the other hand, often use the ‘Educator' magazines to encourage their children to increase their knowledge, apart from using the magazines as a form of revision and for testing purposes.

It is also through these magazines that pupils are exposed to and are presented with an opportunity to participate in various interesting and educational English-language activities in their respective classes and schools. The challenges faced and the fun encountered have made the experience of mastering the English language so attractive to pupils and teachers that the fear of learning the language has rightly been dispelled. It is most worthy to note that English language teachers often use both the ‘Educator' magazines in their class-room as a basis for teaching and engaging in discussions to further instill interest in the language and as a strong supplement to regular and existing methods. Since the English language exercises in these magazines are based on the current school curriculum set by the Ministry of Education, the response has been overwhelming.

These magazines have been designed to cater to pupils hailing from various ethnic back-grounds and possessing different language aptitudes, skills and abilities. It is estimated that about ninety-five per cent (95%) of Primary schools in Malaysia have been directly introduced to these magazines. In fact, the magazines have become the most sought-after in terms of their scope, content and reliability. Without a doubt, they have long been established as the best-selling English language magazine in schools.

Apart from its mainstay, that is, the publication of its two magazines, Multi Educational has, over its long and illustrious business span published over twenty-five (25) textbook titles for use in schools. These textbooks have been acknowledged and recognized as being in compliance with and fulfilling the requirements and standards of the past and current curriculum of the Ministry of Education. In the year 2009, the company was even awarded a contract by the Ministry of Education Malaysia (KPM – Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia) for the supply and delivery of some titles required under the Ministry ' s ‘Supplementary Reading Materials' (‘Bahan Bacaan Tambahan') category.

The interesting design and layout of our magazines together with their attractive prints has been our trademark throughout the history of our magazines. In addition to this, the hall-mark of our magazines has been an uncompromising and unyielding position on our quality, content and standards. We are always striving for excellence which has today become a pre-requisite in view of the ever-changing landscape of the global information and communication technology and the ever-increasing demands of readers who expect nothing short of the best!

part from our core publication business, our company is also actively involved in the organizing of various educational seminars for primary and secondary school pupils and students. We consider these public events a tangible means of proving our interest, sincerity and deep commitment towards raising our nation's (Malaysia's) level of education to a much higher level in order to create a knowledge-based and learned society in line with our Government's and Ministry of Education's current strategies, policies and practices especially in the ‘National Key Result Areas' (NKRAs) insofar as education and integrity are concerned. We are also pursuing a total commitment to our Honourable Prime Minister's commendable 1MALAYSIA concept and our Honourable Deputy Prime Minister's cum Minister of Education's 1SCHOOL and 1SPORT aspirations.

Since its formation over twenty (20) years ago, Multi Educational has witnessed rapid growth serving the retail as well as the Government and private educational establishments in the country. Our company conducts extensive research of our markets and we also network with school teachers, educators and academicians in order to develop and source products which are suitable for institutional use. Our constant and ongoing interest, intelligence and vigilance in the field of education have most definitely been instrumental in our ability to deliver the best in terms of content, relevance and quality. We have a team of writers who have the desired level of expertise, dedication and commitment in the pursuit of regularly enhancing our publication materials in order to meet market demands. Furthermore, our in-house design department uses the latest publishing software for the purpose of generating and developing concepts.

From the placing of orders to the delivery of our products and the provision of ‘ after-sales service', our business is supported by an up-to-date ‘Information Technology' (I.T.) system, modern ware-housing facilities and a customer service team comprising efficient and dedicated personnel. Image and copy requests can be down-loaded directly from our website to support catalogue marketing requirements at any time.

Our company is committed to operating with integrity and transparency at all times. We are also concerned about protecting and preserving the environment for future generations and as such, our company, its management and personnel are always sensitive towards the ‘green' culture promoted and practised in society today. Where our employees are concerned, we have a strict policy of ensuring that they are provided with the highest standards of health and safety in the work-place.

A most avowed vision and high priority of our company is an unwavering commitment towards nation-building at all times.

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