About Multi Educational Book Enterprise - at a glance...

Multi Educational Book Enterprise is one of the leading and most enterprising Government Textbook Publishers in Malaysia. Amongst its more commendable achievements, the company has been publishing two bi-monthly English-language magazines since 1988.

These magazines are immediately recognizable anywhere in Malaysia, whether in Government Primary schools or even at homes with such reputed names as ‘The Educator' and ‘Junior Educator'.

The magazines have reached out to hundreds of thousands of pupils in primary schools throughout the nation over the more than twenty years since their introduction to the education fraternity in Malaysia.

The magazines are so informative and thought-provoking that they have become a ‘tool' of education, besides providing a source of edutainment and fun to both pupils and teachers alike in schools. Even children at home are bemused with these publications.

Parents, on the other hand, often use the ‘Educator' magazines to encourage their children to increase their knowledge, apart from using the magazines as a form of revision and for testing purposes.

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